The Changing Scene of Insurance

Everything changes over time, the way things are done, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes customs go away and
sometimes they evolve.

Insurance falls into the evolution category. Over time we have seen the benefit of insurance protection –
property, life, health. The plans of the past no longer exist, especially in the case of health insurance.
Basically health insurance remains the same – major medical insurance covers healthcare expenses. Voluntary
insurance covers expenses major medical doesn’t. However, Gen X employees are seeking more creative and
non-standard benefits. Perks to make their lives easier.

Following are some value added perks for today’s employee:

1. Health Advocacy – 24/7 access to personal health advocates who can answer healthcare and insurance

2. Fraud/Identity Theft Protection – This is a problem that is at the forefront of employees minds. Many
employers are offering this protection including internet monitoring.

3. College – Advisory Services – Including resources to negotiate the admissions process and help to lower
college costs.

4. Telemedicine – The ease and flexibility of consulting a medical professional and obtaining treatment is
in great demand for the very busy Gen Xers.

Trends in added value benefits help meet the changing needs of today’s workforce. Ramping up benefits
packages with non-traditional benefits may be just the thing for the new employee.